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ML Cabinets & Stones

Fine cabinetry

Lifetime limited warranty
Made in the USA

Many customers are satisfied 

We are happy to help you with your entire kitchen journey, from choosing your cabinets and appliances, through to the installation and achieving a finished product.

Highly experienced team

We have a design team to guide customers from start to finish.


ML Cabinets & Stones

ML Cabinets and Stones was founded in 2014 in San Jose, California and began bringing innovative kitchen and bathroom cabinets into the bay area to serve homeowners and the community. By 2018, ML Cabinetry was also created to better serve the community and to combine the American styles with the European products and technologies.

ML Cabinetry provides cabinets with the latest trends from Europe and America. We make your cabinets in California, Texas, and Pennsylvania. ML Cabinetry will give your kitchen and bath the custom look without the custom cost and with smart solutions.

At ML Cabinets, we believe in quality. We provide customers the highest quality products because we believe that the kitchen is the heart of our family life. All homeowners deserve a better kitchen and it should stand against the test of time.

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